Paragliding school

We know you still have lots of questions about the way the courses in our school take place, what happens at a course, when and how you’ll be able to get your pilot’s licence, etc…

In the following paragraphs we’ll summarize the „order of events” for you 😉

The first practical steps, after the theoretical introduction, are aqueintance and familiarization with the equipment, followed by control of the paraglide on the ground, over a period of a few days:

As students progress take-offs will begin taking place, initially from a small hill, progressing gradually in height in the following days.

The whole time: ground handlings, take-offs and, later on, flights, the student is assisted and guided by professional instructors, through radio stations, at every moment: take-off, flight and landing.

During this whole period the practical lessons will alternate with theoretical ones.

For a pilot-in-training to be able to get a paraglide class licence he/she must have at least 15 recorded hours in the air, in the presence of an intructor. The exam itself consists of 2 parts: the first theroetical, succeded by the live flight examination (practical exam).